England 2019-2020

Week 1 (2 to 8 september)

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Hii welcome to my first blogpost!


On Monday I left for London. At 6:15am my train would leave and that is why we left at 4am to Amsterdam. My best friends came with me too to say goodbye (thanks for that guys). Around 11am local time I arrived in London. At the station my hostfamily were waiting for me. We had some lunch there and took the bus to my new home. I had some free time and in the afternoon we went to the school and a playground nearby. Soon my first day was over.


Today is my first day working and immediately I was left alone to babysit the kids all day. In the afternoon we went to the playground where we spend a long time. We didn't much besides that on this day.


The first schoolday for the kids! Together with my hostmum I brought the kids to school and before lunch we picked up the youngest. At 3:30pm the oldest finished school and I picked her up alone because the youngest was too tired.  

Thursday and Friday

From today I had to do everything alone again. I brought the kids to school, picked up the youngest before lunch and made her some lunch. Later together with the youngest I picked up the oldest. And I made dinner. The days are very long and it makes me very tired.


My first free day! I took the bus to Pimlico and got off at Cambridge Circus. There is the Palace Theatre with the Cursed Child as play. After that I went to NimaLima. They make artefacts for Harry Potter. Then I went to Chinatown where I also passed the gay bar. Next to Chinatown you find Leicester Square where a lot of street artists perform their music. It is nice to take some time to watch them. Then I went to my favourite bookstore which is Waterstones. I bought three books there. Later on the day I visited some other shops like Hamleys. Hamleys is a 5 floor high toystore.


I didn't really do anything today. I read the books I bought and made my room more my room. I am not finished with that yet but it feels more comfortable now. My first week here has ended. Everything is new and I get used to it little by little, but I think I can do it.

Click here for photos.


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