England 2019-2020

October till the 25th

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Heyy sorry for the late blog. I forgot and then it's not part of your system anymore. Here is a short summary of what I did in the weekends of this month.

5 and 6 october

Honestly I can't remember much of what I did on Saturday except that I went to the gaybar in the evening and this time to a much bigger one. On Sunday I went shopping in Central London with Klara.

12 and 13 october

On Saturday I went to the Victoria & Albert museum with Klara. In the evening we went to the pub with two other au pairs. I slept over at Klara's and on Sunday we went to Sky Garden. It is a inside garden in a skyscraper in London. I made a new friend there.

19 and 20 october

On Saturday I went to a pumpkin pitch with Klara and Virag. It was a lot of fun. After that we ate in the pub and watch a film after that at Klara's. On Sunday I went to the cinema to watch Maleficent.

I am sorry again and byee!!


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