England 2019-2020

Week 3 (16 to 22 september)

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Monday to Friday

This week was the first week Alice went to school for the whole day. I am actually really happy with that because it means I have now more time for myself and it looks like the days are shorter now. I read a bit, watch some Korean dramas and I play on my ukulele sometimes. I still bring the kids to school in the morning but pick both of them from school at 3:3pm. I make sure Alice has something to do and then I  make dinner. After that the days is practically over.


Today I went to Central London again with Anna. First we went to the only lgbt bookshop in London. I, again, bought three books. After that we went walking around in Soho, which is now my favourite neighbourhood in London. We visited some Asian cafes and walked around Chinatown. In the evening we went to St James's park and sat there for a while and around 7pm we went back to Soho to visit the gay bar. We stayed there till 11pm. Because of an accident in front of the Palace theatre I came home around 12:30am but next time we probably stay longer in the bar.   


Sunday wasn't anything special. Stayed at home to rest, read and watch stuff on Netflix. It was the first day I had a pyjama day. Just a week left and I will be in London for a month. It feels like I've just had arrived here but also as I've been here for a long time. It starts to feel like hom in London. I am not sure if I want to leave London after this year.  


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