England 2019-2020

Week 2 (9 to 15 september)

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Monday to Friday

Actually nothing really happens on the normal week days. This week Alice still goes to school only in the mornings. Around 12am I pick her up and take her home where we eat lunch. At 3pm we go to school to pick up Isabel. When we come home I start making dinner. Sometimes I make three different meals. Around 7pm the mum comes home and I am free to go. Usually I go to my room to spend time alone which I really need after a day working.


On Saturday I met another au pair. Her name is Anna and she is from Germany. We met each other at King Cross station where we also went to the Harry Potter Platform 9 3/4 shop. We just walked through London and visited shops or ate somewhere. We have been in London all day and I came home around 10pm. It was really nice and I had a great time.


Today I met Anna again. I went to here where we watched the Lion King 2019 in the cinema. I wanted to watch this film for a very long time and I loved it. Besides that I didn't do much that day. I came home not that late and went to my room to read before I went to bed.

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